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CANON 23 of the COUNCIL of AIN TRAZ (1841) Fast and Abstinence

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Many other references - too many to mention - were consulted for this work.


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Without the help, encouragement, and advice of Khoureeyeh Simone, my wife, I could not have accomplished this task. We are completing this Typicon for all those of us who want to preserve our Liturgical Tradition and present it to the world by using the newest technological techniques. Please use it, enjoy it, and say a little prayer for us.

Working on CyberTypicon, I discovered a tremendous wisdom and wealth in the work of Father Abel Couturier. I am grateful for his efforts of collecting, documenting, and commenting on the practices of the Melkite Liturgical tradition. CyberTypicon is principally based on Father Couturier's labor of love. May Our Lord God Grant Father Couturier blessed repose and eternal memory.

CyberTypicon is not a closed project. CyberTypicon will always grow and change as our lives and practices change. You are invited to participate by getting in touch with us, submitting your suggestions, giving your opinion, or just encouraging us. You are always welcome!