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Two thousand years of Christian living formed, defined, and enhanced the way we pray. Over the years, changes creeped into our practices and added complexity to our prayers and rubrics (calendar changes, political influences, local devotions, isolation, Latinization, etc.).

"CyberTypicon” based on Father Abel Couturier’s work (1912 - 1930) and the pastoral amendments of our Holy Synod over the years, attempts to present it as a useful, simple and pragmatic manner.

“CyberTypicon” is the fruit of a deep love and awe for our Theology, Spirituality, Liturgy and Tradition. It echoes the remarks of our Patriarch Maximos IV Sayegh of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church at Vatican II:

“CyberTypicon” is an application software that coordinates the prayers of the Byzantine Tradition as practiced by the Antiochian Melkite Greek Catholic Church. It manages the daily, weekly and main cycles throughout the year and seasons.

Father Abel Couturier

"We must not allow the adaptation of the liturgy to become an obsession. The liturgy, like the inspired writings, has a permanent value apart from the circumstances giving rise to it. Before altering a rite we should make sure that a change is strictly necessary. The liturgy has an impersonal character and also has universality in space and time. It is, as it were, timeless and thus enables us to see the divine aspect of eternity. These thoughts will enable us to understand what at first seem shocking in some of the prayers of the Liturgy - feasts that seem no longer appropriate, antiquated gestures, calls to vengeance which reflect a pre-Christian mentality, anguished cries in the darkness of the night, and so on. It is good to feel oneself thus linked with all the ages of mankind. We pray not only with our contemporaries but with men who have lived in all centuries."

Patriarch Maximos IV Sayegh