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Q - The English translation you are using is not the same translation used in our churches, are you going to correct it in the hope to consolidate the Liturgical text?

A - CyberTypicon is not a Menaion, Pentecostarion, or a Liturgy book. CyberTypicon is an electronic automatic Typicon. Its major concern is that we pray the same prayer(s) and in the same manner and spirit of our Fathers. The book and the translation adopted by the user of CyberTypicon are totally irrelevant and inconsequential as long as they hold the prayers indicated by CyberTypicon. It is only incidental that some prayers are mentioned and we used the translation available to us. Your concern should really be addressed to the Liturgical Committee or the Bishop.

Q - Thanks so much for your CyberTypicon. What is the rationale behind switching the readings of the Gospels of St. Luke? What sense does it make? 

A - I do not know the rational behind the switching of the readings. My guess is: To avoid duplication of readings in a single calendar year, since each calendar year has parts from two Ecclesiastical years and it happens to be the Luke Readings? The preparation of the reader in a progressive way for the Nativity and Theophany of Our Lord? Clearing the feasts of third class  falling on Sundays???


I used reverse engineering to discover the intent of the rubrics and to design formulas for the computer program. I will use some of it, without getting too technical, to shed some light onto your question.

Requirement of the Typicon:

(As an example: The 4th. Gospel of St. Luke (Lk 8:5-15) – Father of the second Council - is assigned to the Sunday between October 11 and October 17.)

This is the case for any Sunday falling during the period of October 11-17, October 30-November 5, November 24-30, December 1-17.

These are the facts one has to consider:

As you can see, this task is difficult. Following the rubrics in the Gospel Book should take care of the job. Care should be taken, though, not to move the weekday readings when the Sundays are moved.

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